Caleb’s Drunken Adventure PART 1 (keep in mind this one is not for children)

Caleb’s Drunken Adventure (keep in mind this one is not for children). This is another of my old school animations. Forgive the blockiness keep in mind I had to blow it up from a smaller resolution. Was actually part of a game I made back in the late 90s. Caleb and friends in this cartoon are sort of silly versions of people I know pretty well. This one was made more as an inside joke. As this was made over a decade ago I can say it is a little outdated, we all have grown up quite a bit since this cartoon was made. Either way I have more parts to put up of this one so if it makes you laugh stay tuned for more in the future. Also please keep in mind this once is not really for little kids, due to innuendo and alcohol usage in it.

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